Advancing Road Infrastructure Through Innovation

HG Ventures (HGV), the corporate venture arm of The Heritage Group (THG), recently hosted “The Future of Roads” summit that brought together scientists, engineers, policymakers and other visionaries who are working at the leading edges of their respective fields who are developing new technologies that have the potential to transform our world for the better.

Leaders from various sectors participated in the day-long event focused on commitment to innovation and sustainability in road technology. With a focus on decarbonizing construction, extending the life and quality of roads, examining innovative approaches and improving the planet, the event challenged attendees to consider the reimagining of the future road infrastructure.

John Glushik, Managing Director of HG Ventures, emphasized the importance of combining an entrepreneurial spirit with industry expertise to accelerate innovation. John underscored the need for open-mindedness and collaboration to tackle challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Collaboration emerged as a recurring theme, with an emphasis on leveraging expertise across various sectors and industries while forging long-term partnerships.

John Glushik of HG Ventures

Geoff Dillon, CEO of Heritage Construction Materials (HC+M), echoes the sentiment, emphasizing HC+M’s commitment to delivering quality infrastructure while embracing innovation. Geoff stressed the significance of partnerships in driving both current and future advancements in road construction and maintenance.

Dr. Allison Black from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association shed light on the evolving landscape of road funding and the pivotal role of technology in addressing infrastructure challenges. Dr. Black emphasized the importance of public-private partnerships and venture capital in driving modernization and maintaining the nation’s road network.


Dr. Allison Black of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association

Throughout the day, participants listened to presentations and engaged in breakout sessions highlighting the vital role of partnerships and venture capital in driving forward-thinking solutions to keep roads safe, efficient and sustainable.

Key takeaways from The Future of Roads event:

  1. Importance of Roads: Roads are essential for transportation, connecting communities, and supporting economic activities. With increasing population and vehicle usage, there’s pressure to maintain and improve road infrastructure.
  2. Technological Innovation: There’s a surge in innovation aimed at addressing road infrastructure challenges such as capacity, congestion, safety and sustainability. These innovations encompass various fields like materials science, chemical engineering, software development and emerging hard tech solutions.
  3. Role of Startups: Innovation isn’t limited to established construction giants but also involves startups with unique visions. These startups play a crucial role in driving positive change with their innovative solutions.
  4. Investor Involvement: HG Ventures, as part of The Heritage Group, supports innovation in road technology through investments in startups. Leveraging the expertise of Heritage Construction + Materials, HG Ventures aims to be part of the solution for improving road infrastructure.

As the world continues to evolve, the conversation about the future of road construction and maintenance remains critical. Through collaboration, innovation and investment, The Heritage Group can pave the way for a brighter, more resilient road infrastructure that serves communities for generations to come.