Betting On The Future

Embracing Our Heritage While Betting on Our Future

Who We Are

Over the past 90 years, we’ve seen exponential growth, built on the shoulders of the Fehsenfeld family and our extended Heritage family of employees. Four generations of family leadership and our lasting relationships with employees, customers and communities form a foundation that keeps us strong. We started out delivering home heating oil during the Great Depression, and now operate more than 50 companies, employing more than 7,000 hardworking people who want to make a difference. This is our story.

Our History

During the Great Depression, John E. Fehsenfeld embarked on a journey that would shape generations to come. His venture, Crystal Flash, delivered heating oil to families, a bet that would evolve into a collection of filling stations that spanned across Indiana and Michigan. That entrepreneurial spirit along with hard work and dedication was passed down to his sons – Frank, Fred and Mac – who played pivotal roles in the company’s evolution.

Returning from World War II, Fred Fehsenfeld, Sr. recognized a need to drive the company forward. His groundbreaking idea revolutionized the hauling of cut-back asphalt, laying the groundwork for the acquisition of Asphalt Materials in 1955. This same spirit of seeking out opportunities continued into the 1970s when a customer’s request for assistance with hazardous waste prompted an investment in environmental research. We took a risk on environmental services long before “sustainability” became a popular term, simply because it was the right thing to do.

The decades that followed witnessed our expansion into new frontiers. Seizing an opportunity in the early 2000s, we ventured into specialty chemicals with the acquisition of a struggling plant in Houston, cementing our position as a leader in diverse industries.

Our Bet on the Future

The core of our success lies a steadfast commitment to innovation. This dedication is demonstrated through investments in research and development, led by Heritage Research Group and HG Ventures, both of whom foster a culture of forward-thinking and inventive solutions.

With over 90 years of strategic bets, The Heritage Group remains anchored by our people, culture and values. Each milestone, each success, is a testament to the enduring legacy forged by generations of hard work and perseverance. Looking ahead, we are poised to continue a legacy of innovation and growth. By investing in our people and nurturing collaboration, we are laying the groundwork for a brighter, more sustainable future.



HC+M Introduces Evergreen Roadworks

At Heritage Construction + Materials (HC+M), we have always understood our work is not just about constructing roads — it’s about journeys that span generations. Today, we proudly unveil the next chapter in our legacy: Evergreen Roadworks™. This marks a significant milestone as we further our mission to build safer, more enriching and sustainable environments for generations to come.

Evergreen Roadworks is a formidable new business, providing a wide-ranging suite of innovative, adaptive and sustainable paving solutions and applications designed to extend roadway life. We work to stretch our customers’ investments — building high-quality, long-lasting roadways that truly connect our communities in a better way.

Through the merger of Champaign Asphalt, Illiana Construction, Pavement Maintenance Systems and ProTack, Evergreen Roadworks begins its journey with a collective 165 years of industry leadership and operational excellence focused on raising the bar throughout the Midwest on pavement preservation and rehabilitation services.

HC+M CEO, Geoff Dillon said, “This marks a pivotal moment for the HC+M family of companies. We have provided quality products and services for decades through three key platforms: asphalt, aggregates and road construction. Now, we are proud to announce that we are establishing a fourth exciting new platform focusing on the future of sustainable road construction.”

“Evergreen is reimagining roads,” said Evergreen President Joe Lamb, “We believe in pushing the boundaries. At Evergreen Roadworks, we focus on durability and maximizing every pavement’s potential.”

Visit the Evergreen Roadworks website at www.evergreenroadworks.com to learn more.


About Heritage Construction + Materials

Heritage Construction + Materials (HC+M) is part of The Heritage Group, a privately held, family-owned business headquartered in Indianapolis. HC+M has core capabilities in infrastructure building. Its collection of companies provides innovative road construction and materials services across the Midwest. HC+M companies, including Milestone Contractors, Asphalt Materials, Inc., and US Aggregates, proudly employ 3,000 people at 55 locations across seven states. Learn more at www.heritagebuilds.com.

About Evergreen Roadworks

Evergreen Roadworks provides a wide-ranging suite of pavement solutions and proprietary applications. For generations, we have partnered with state and local agencies across the Midwest offering products and services that extend roadway life and increase infrastructure longevity. We work to stretch our customers’ investments, building high-quality, long-lasting roadways that truly connect our communities in a better way. Evergreen’s commitment to excellence in paving and pavement preservation goes beyond roadwork – to building relationships and crafting the foundations of our communities.


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