Research Group

Solving big problems by leveraging research and development is critical to our growth and success.

Since 1980, Heritage Research Group, our in-house R&D laboratory, has helped The Heritage Group companies, customers, and partners evolve and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. Today, Heritage Research Group provides innovative products, processes, and training that constantly improve the way our companies serve their clients and delivers solutions to address the myriad of challenges our clients face. It also creates new technologies that fuel further business opportunities for The Heritage Group.

Every day, our team of chemists, engineers, and scientists use cutting-edge technology to solve tough problems. We don’t accept the status quo. We ask “Why?” We work with our customers and employees to search for new solutions. Our R&D team exists solely to innovate, and build a better future.

We take a team approach to solving tough problems. We strive to find sustainable solutions and we continually explore new ways to improve the markets we play in.

Our R&D team’s broad accomplishments include more than 100 patents.  It includes the launch of several new businesses. These include full recycling of used engine oil, better micronutrients for animals, high friction pavements for safer highways and streets, and new biobased lubricants that are biodegradable.