Intern Interview Project: Zeb Swan

November 8th, 2023

“The Heritage Group fosters an environment of trust and collaboration allowing individuals to  take risks, innovate and contribute to the company’s success.” 

Zeb graduated from Zionsville high school in 2010, where he immediately joined the military.  Zeb spent time in the Marine Corps as a 1361 Engineer tech and travelled to Japan and  Afghanistan working with a combat engineer platoon. He got out in 2015 as a 23-year-old  unsure of what his future may hold

Zeb started his career as an electrician’s apprentice in Seattle, before moving back to Indiana in  2016 selling cars. Zeb jumped around at the start of his career where he went to a steel plant,  and he entered the Catalyst military transition program. This program focused on helping  individuals build their resumes, develop interview skills, learn about networking, and attend  many events at which time he was introduced to the Heritage group. Zeb realized that he has a  strong passion for connecting with people at an emotional level and was on the lookout for a  career where he was able to use his brain and his heart.  

“The Heritage group saw potential in me. They bet on me even though I was not the ideal  candidate profile on paper. They believed that my intangibles were worth something and could  be molded into something beneficial for both the company and its people.” 

Zeb was attracted to Heritage’s culture because of how they fostered an environment where  people could thrive. He reflects on his experience of being interviewed and says, “They believed  in bringing individuals into the company who had an emotional connection to their work and a  passion for what they did.  

“What truly impressed me was Heritage’s approach to failure. In a good culture, when mistakes  happen, individuals are not punished or publicly shamed. Instead, they learn from their  mistakes and work together to improve which creates an atmosphere where people take  responsibility for their actions and support one another rather than distancing themselves or  hiding mistakes”.  

Zeb facilitates the entire job posting and hiring process for AMI (asphalt and materials). He  sources potential candidates, posts job ads, conducts intake conversations with hiring  managers, interviews, and filters candidates. Zeb is passionate about a new initiative to explore  avenues attracting military personnel who are transitioning out to effectively draw them into  the hiring process.  

Zeb’s biggest piece of advice for future interns and YPO’s is always trying to add to your toolbox  of skills and knowledge. He believes that there is incredible value in seeking out those who  possess expertise or knowledge in areas where another might feel weak. Zeb also emphasizes  the significance of self-awareness so that you are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. 

“It’s never too late to do something or try something new”.  

“What really sets Heritage apart from other companies is they are not just resume skimming,  looking to check boxes. THG takes chances on those who might not have qualifications on paper  but have growth potential and would be perfect for the role.  

Outside of work, Zeb’s spends majority of his time with his wife, and daughter, Shiloh. He is also  an avid pool player and runs a review blog for movies.