Intern Interview Project: Teresa Anderson

November 8th, 2023

“The Heritage Group has been extremely welcoming. It is special that there is such a directed  focus on care for employees. I have always found that familial welcoming and sense of  belonging that Heritage prides itself on.” 

Teresa Anderson grew up loving to cook and was curious about messing around with different  ingredients in the kitchen to make final products. She later graduated from Purdue University in  2020 with a degree in chemical engineering, furthering her love of combining different  ingredients to create outcomes.  

She began her career at THG as an intern where she spent most of her time in the lab, which  allowed her to gain perspective and insight on what aspects of a work environment were  important to her. Teresa says, “it gave me a lot of actual exposure to things I was going to be  learning in the future and was extremely helpful because of the head start I received. She was  exposed to a diversity of mentorship styles and techniques that allowed her to realize what was  important for her in a job, and how she responded in different environments.  

When she came back as a project engineer in December of 2022, she focused more on design  based on the front end of projects than time spent in the lab. She is fascinated with designing 

and focusing on the beginning stages of engineering, and loves bridging the gap between what  books might tell you compared to what occurs in real life. 

“Having been both an intern, and now a young professional, I have seen how The Heritage  Group takes time to focus on professional and self-development of every single employee.” 

One of prouder moments was Teresa’s work on the battery recycling project. As a technical  project, she had to return to her textbooks and perform experiments she did in school. Teresa  found it extremely rewarding to use information that she had previously learned in school to  understand how projects were making a difference in the world around her.  

Teresa speaks on Heritage’s core value of betting on people and discusses her personal  experience with mentorship. “Having a strong mentor, or strong support system is vital both as  an intern and as a young professional. You are not going to know everything, and while  textbooks might be able to teach you a lot, it is incredibly important to have people guide you  throughout.” 

She urges everybody not to be afraid to ask questions and involved in as many meetings as  possible, even if they do not pertain to your expertise. Teresa has found that sitting in on these  meetings and having these conversations has allowed her to build relationships with others so  that you might be able to provide knowledge, and they might be able to reciprocate by assisting  you on certain projects.  

“The Heritage Group prides itself on collaboration and working together with others to build  each other up and succeed as both individuals, but also for Heritage to succeed as a whole.” 

Teresa continues to find joy in the small day-to-day interactions at Heritage. With each day  being special and unique, she always finds a conversation or interaction that boosts her mood  and that she is constantly grateful for. Teresa reflects on her time at heritage and believes that  having a mentor, a strong team, and a collaborative work environment has made learning and  working significantly more fun.