Intern Interview Project: Megan Bowman

November 8th, 2023

The Heritage Group prides itself on a system of core values, two of which are betting on people  and building long lasting relationships. Megan Bowman, Assistant Plant Manager at US  Aggregates embodies both values. Megan attended Indiana University in Bloomington where  she studied Human Resources. Fresh out of college, Meg received a lead on a possible job from  a Facebook group while early in her career search. Megan quickly jumped on the opportunity  and earned a position with US Aggregates.  

She may not have realized it in the moment, but Megan would quickly be thrown into the thick  of things as she says “My manager Hope was going out on maternity leave, about a month after  I started. She did a great job of giving me the information needed to be successful at my job,  because my role at that point was to keep things moving in her absence.” Heritage took a bet  on Megan and trusted her to keep things running smoothly even after only being with the  company about a month. Megan shares how this “was an amazing learning opportunity for me.  I was fresh out of school; I did not know a thing about actual practicing HR. This situation was a  great opportunity to learn.” Megan was very thankful for the way “Hope provided all the  resources I could possibly need. She told me who I needed to reach out to for help in any  possible situation.” Getting thrown into the mix of things and learning through “trial and error”  really allowed Megan to grow in her new position.  

At Heritage there is a big emphasis on growth. “At the end of the day, moving out of your  comfort zone will quickly round out your development.” It is a goal here at Heritage to help  people grow and develop all the skills they need to thrive in their position and beyond. Megan  recently took a chance on herself and decided to take a new position at US Aggregates. Megan  previously had only worked in HR but she “started to realize, I do not actually know the details  of how to make the operation run out in the field. I only know things from the HR perspective.”  Which is why she decided to take a more “hands on” job and become an Assistant Plant  Manager. Megan talks about how taking this new position has pushed her to continue growing  here at Heritage.  

Even though her first year in the new position has been a tough one, Megan says, “I wouldn’t  change making the decision to come out here to work.” While Heritage does push for growth,  they did not throw Megan into the fire without providing Her with the necessary resources to  succeed. “I set a goal for myself; something that I want, and they are more than happy to assist 

me in reaching that.” Megan goes on to say that “I could dream up pretty much anything I  wanted, and I just feel such support from everyone in the company.” The core value of building  lasting relationships is heavily emphasized across the company.  

When asked, “what do you think has kept you at the company for this long? Megan said simply,  “It just feels like you are really a part of something.” Being a family-owned company,  relationship building is at the core of Heritage. There is a focus on getting people into positions  they are passionate about and providing them with the necessary resources to succeed in those  positions.