Intern Interview Project: Linda Osborn

November 8th, 2023

“The beauty of The Heritage Group is the collaboration that goes on between the companies  and the support that we get from each other. We are all good at something different, and when  we utilize the talents within all the groups and work together, we can achieve much greater  success.”  

For Linda Osborn, Director of Analytical Research for Heritage Research Group (HRG), work  conducted within the research lab is vital to the success of The Heritage Company (THG) and its  operating companies. According to Linda, the synergy between laboratory innovation and  strategic business decisions is the key to accomplishing remarkable outcomes. With her  involvement with asphalt fume research throughout her career, Linda has found immense  satisfaction as she has made a significant contribution to improving the health and well-being of  workers in the field. HRG continues to monitor the plants and workers to make sure they are  not exposed to unhealthy or dangerous toxins. Linda and the HRG team consistently seek to  understand and predict both existing and future problems, preparing for what lies ahead. 

“A lot of the work is behind the scenes, so if something breaks down, we are the first ones on  the scene to figure out why, and then come up with a solution so that it doesn’t happen again.  HRG has employees of diverse age groups and backgrounds, which plays a crucial role in  promoting creative thinking and problem-solving.”  

Throughout Linda’s career, she learned many life lessons, but one piece of advice she has for  interns and young professionals is “We are all good at something, but we can’t all be good at  everything. Devote your efforts to discovering and refining your strengths. Learn as much as  you can from those around you. Give 110%, and you will get back what you put in.” 

“I would not have had the opportunities I’ve had anywhere else. I have had the opportunity  to work with so many great people across the globe, and I have felt entrusted with incredibly  vital tasks. I feel like THG bet on me, and I have benefitted immensely from the opportunities I  have been given. THG places a strong emphasis on both personal and professional growth,  inspiring me to assist others in their development.”

Outside of work Linda loves to do outreach and is involved in the American Chemical  Society and the Science Education Foundation for Indiana (SEFI). Through SEFI, she is deeply  connected with Celebrate Science Indiana and the Hoosier Science and Engineering Fair.