Orr Fellowship
at THG

About the Program

Recruiting and developing the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.
Upon their college graduation, members of Orr Fellowship are matched with a
Partner Company like The Heritage Group for two years, where they work full time
while benefitting from continued learning programming, professional development and community involvement.

Our Fellows

Lucy Wehlage

Early in Career Talent and Program Coordinator
Orr Fellow Class of 2021

Since the moment I started at The Heritage Group, it has been nothing short of extraordinary. I can feel the passion, innovation, and energy when you walk in a room. I’m incredibly grateful to be managed by a previous Orr Fellow, Lexie Seward, who has been the best mentor and role model I’ve ever had. Lexie leads with empathy, trust, and good intention, which are qualities present in everyone I’ve met at THG.”

Zayna Abu-Salih

Associate Brand Manager, Asphalt Materials, Inc.
Orr Fellow Class of 2022

The Heritage Group truly practices what it preaches; family. It has been one of the easiest transitions into a new role I have encountered so far in my life, and having constant support and appreciation every step of the way is extremely refreshing and heart-warming. Furthermore, there are so many different roles and responsibilities that go into making THG what it is, and I am eager to explore more positions of this company!

Carson Bailey

Finance Specialist
Orr Fellow Class of 2022

 I really appreciate The Heritage Group both for its impressive contributions to the various fields it is involved in and the healthy corporate culture that it encourages. A lot of companies tout their “family” culture, but THG lives it out in a really impressive way. I’ve never felt looked down upon or judged for asking questions about a project or asking for time off for personal matters. Everyone from our department manager to a humble Orr Fellow has a friendly relationship and can have a conversation about pretty much anything.”

Trey Wolverton

Corporate HR and Talent Experience Coordinator
Orr Fellow Class of 2022

 “The Orr Fellowship and THG are very similar in their cultures, belief in people, and mindsets, especially when it comes to both personal and sustained growth. I find value and purpose in each of these characteristics, making it a perfect match! Now reflecting on my first few months, I realize that getting the experience of both has far exceeded my hopes for post-graduation. As a result, my professional career is accelerated, due to the many opportunities to ​practice and execute my interests and passions through both organizations.

Annie Hynes

Manufacturing Engineer, Asphalt Materials, Inc.
Orr Fellow Class of 2019

“As an Orr Fellow at THG, I was able to jump-start my career by gaining research, engineering and financial analysis experience. Working in different industries, companies and roles rapidly accelerated my career discernment process and developed my understanding of THG as a whole. I am incredibly excited to continue my career after the Fellowship with AMI as a Manufacturing Engineer.”

Erin Crowther

Strategy Analyst, Monument Chemical
Orr Fellow Class of 2021

Through the Fellowship and The Heritage Group, I am a part of a large network that cares about professional and personal development. I’m very grateful to be a part of an environment with strong values and opportunities that someone my age would not normally get.”