Each year, The Heritage Group hosts the children of our employees for a three-day camp where they can experience science related to The Heritage Group’s businesses in a fun, educational, and hands-on environment.

2024 Applications Closed


Legal dependents of Heritage Group employees who are between the ages of 8-12.


Kids Science Camp is a three-day camp where children can experience science related to The Heritage Group’s businesses in a fun, educational, and hands-on environment.


July 16-18, 2024


Kids Science Camp takes place at the nationally recognized Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


The Heritage Group began Kids Science Camp in the summer of 2014 to help develop a love and passion for science in children. The primary mission is investing in our future leaders and helping them tackle big problems by learning how to think creatively. Science education also fuels curiosity and provides children with valuable ideas, skills, and potential future career choices --- hopefully within The Heritage Group of companies!
Want to be part of the fun? We welcome your input and help! Share your experiment ideas or even volunteer at camp.


Most frequent questions and answers

The camp is open to the direct dependents (ages 8–10 or 11–12) of THG employees. Attendees must fall within the specified age range at the start of camp. We reserve the right to verify legal dependent status.

Yes, campers may attend more than once, but in the lottery selection, priority is given to those who haven’t previously attended.

We have partnered with The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to host camp on their campus. All campers are welcome to participate in the Indianapolis program.

Parents/guardians are responsible for arranging all transportation to and from The Children’s Museum campus.

Detailed drop off and pick up procedures can be found here.

Parents/guardians are responsible for all travel-related expenses.

Our goal is to allow every camper to participate in camp to the best of their abilities, and the museum has many accessibility accommodations in place. This includes creating sensory maps of each exhibit, providing information about the noise levels in specific areas, and identifying quiet spaces around the building. Additional information about accessibility is available on The Children’s Museum’s website:


  • Review accessibility information here.
  • Review sensory resources here.

Additionally, we welcome the parents or respite providers of children with special needs to remain onsite for the duration of camp. Information about exhibit visits and transitions will be provided in advance to aid in the identification of potential triggers or challenges. If your child is selected as a camper this year, you’ll have the opportunity to share any concerns or special needs in order to initiate a conversation regarding accommodation.

Due to demand, we ask that each child who registers for camp attend for the duration. If your child cannot attend all three days due to vacation or other scheduling conflicts, we ask that you decline registration to allow another child the opportunity to participate.

Check out last year’s schedule to get an understanding of how the day works.

Campers will enjoy lunch and an afternoon snack during the program. Please be sure that your child eats breakfast prior to arrival at the museum and if you pack a lunch, please make sure it is peanut-free.

Check out last year’s lunch menu.

The program will provide lunch and snacks each day. Check last year’s lunch menu.

Many food allergies can be accommodated by the catering staff. Alternatively, children may bring their own peanut-free lunch each day. However, there will not be access to refrigeration or a microwave. Please note any food allergies on your child’s registration form after you are accepted into the program.

Please note any medications in your child’s registration form after you are accepted into the program. The Children’s Museum staff will administer your child’s medication with the specific directions you provide on the registration form. Additionally, there will be another medication-specific form sent to your email, if you are accepted into the program, two weeks before camp starts for you to note any new medications. One last opportunity to note your child’s medication will be at drop-off the first morning with a physical form you will be required to fill out if it is a medication that has not been previously noted on any forms.

You can call or text The Children’s Museum at 317-601-6408. Especially if texting, please say who you are and what relation you are to the child.