Intern Interview Project: Christopher Tracy

November 8th, 2023

Christopher, being a third generation Buckeye, attended Ohio State for his undergraduate  studies, where he pursued a degree in biological engineering with a minor in biomedical  engineering. Biological engineering encompasses the study of all life, so Christopher decided to  focus on biological engineering because it encompasses a wide range of anything from  microorganisms to human life. In his final year of college, he took a class on remediation and  learned how many different approaches there are to environmental issues which sparked a  long-term passion and interest in the environment. With a focus on the environmental aspect  of the field, Christopher’s career at Heritage Environmental Services (HES) as an environmental  engineer perfectly aligns all these interests.  

In pursuing additional studies at Purdue University, Christopher further cultivated his interest in  sustainability by studying environmental and ecological engineering. “The program at Purdue  was unique because it incorporated industrial ecology alongside traditional environmental  engineering,” Christopher said. The exposure to different perspectives made him realize that  sustainability cannot be limited to a single definition. To him, sustainability encompasses  various aspects ranging from profitability to ensuring the wellbeing of everything in the world.  Christopher realized that although many companies express interest in sustainability, they do  not often have dedicated positions focused on sustainability. Sustainability roles are often  integrated into more overarching positions. This is what originally got him interested in the  Heritage group, where sustainability is emphasized and evident through their environmental  services business.  

“Sustainability is truly at the heart of Heritage. It is very clear that what we are doing at  Heritage is especially important, you feel like you have an impact on your career field, as well as  the environment.’’ 

Christopher considers himself extremely fortunate to be selective when choosing a long-term  career. He acknowledges that not everyone has the same opportunities he was afforded and  understands the practicality of entering the workforce immediately. However, he encourages  

interns and young professionals to continue searching for positions that genuinely interest  them. He also emphasizes the importance of being open to change if they are not in a position  that sparks curiosity and passion.  

Christopher’s role at Heritage involves a wide range of responsibilities and tasks. He spends a  significant portion of his time on data analysis, project management, consulting, and  compliance. He is also responsible for calculating the company’s carbon footprint. Additionally, 

Christopher coordinates emergency response efforts for customers including chemical spills, oil  spills, firefighting and PFAS releases. 

“If you are a good fit for Heritage, they will find something that you both enjoy and that you will  succeed on. And they will bet on you to succeed. So that’s how Heritage bets on someone. They  find something for them that works, even if they do not get it 100% right on the first strike.”