Heritage Interactive Services and ClimeCo Partner with NCAA and Indiana Sports Corp to Make March Madness Carbon Neutral

INDIANAPOLIS -March 17, 2021 – Heritage Interactive Services, a subsidiary of Heritage Environmental Services (collectively, Heritage), and ClimeCo announced that they are teaming up to contribute offsets to mitigate the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship carbon footprint.

The Heritage/ClimeCo team reviewed historic emissions factors across the seven various event venues, including electricity, gas, steam, and chilled water, to estimate the total carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) produced during each game and practice. Based on initial projections, required offsets are anticipated to be over 5,500 tonnes of CO2e, comparable to taking 1,188 cars off the road for one year.

Local university IUPUI’s Office of Sustainability will collect actual operations data from all tournament venues during practice and game days and conduct a greenhouse gas emission assessment. The data will be used to quantify the greenhouse gas footprint, and this will determine the amount of carbon offsets necessary for Heritage Interactive Services to purchase to balance the CO2e generated to achieve a carbon neutral March Madness.

“As an Indianapolis-based company known for sustainability partnership we are proud to contribute to the success of this historic March Madness tournament,” said Peter Lux, President of Heritage Interactive Services. “Alongside our partners at ClimeCo, we welcome opportunities to help our clients reduce the environmental impact of these types of events across North America.”

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