October 18, 2022



Magment GmbH and Heritage Environmental Technologies LLC have entered into a joint development agreement to explore new technology for dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles. Dynamic charging is the future solution for charging electric vehicles where devices installed in highway pavements will deliver electrical energy to battery electric vehicles on the road using a magnetic field. An antenna mounted to the vehicle bottom passes through the magnetic field generating an electrical current that charges the batteries.

Magment and HET have joined to develop a magnetizable asphalt mixture that can be used for the dynamic transmission of wireless power. Magment and HET believe that magnetizable asphalt will allow efficient and cost-effective construction of electric roads that will supply energy to vehicles of the future. Magment and HET are also cooperating to implement wireless charging technology in China.

Magment and HET believe the need for dynamic, wireless charging will increase as battery electric vehicles are adopted to support the United States’ goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The first step to supporting electric vehicle adoption is the recent National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program created by passage of the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.  The program will install charging stations along the nation’s designated Alternative Fuel Corridors. The NEVI program is complemented by the ASPIRE initiative (Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification) funded by the National Science Foundation, with the aim of electrifying transportation. As adoption of battery electric vehicles progresses the need for vehicles to charge as they drive will increase. Wireless charging technology will fulfill the need. Magment and HET are proud to support the transition from carbon-based transportation fuels to electricity.

About Magment and Heritage Environmental Technologies

Founded in 2015, Magment is a Germany-based company with operations in the United States that has pioneered magnetizable materials for wireless electric charging. Magment has developed magnetic-based devices for a range of power levels ranging from low power micro-mobility devices such as scooters to high power devices for trucks and buses.

Heritage Environmental Technologies is a subsidiary company of The Heritage Group, founded in 1930. HET is focused on technical solutions that improve the environment. The Heritage Group is an Indianapolis-based company with expertise in road construction materials.