Embracing Authenticity in the Workplace

As a Talent Acquisition and Human Resources specialist at The Heritage Group, I am not just filling roles, I am helping to build a community where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives.

Growing up, I never had a clear vision of my future career. My primary aspiration was to help people, and when it came time to choose a college path, nursing seemed the obvious choice. My love for math and anatomy in high school supported this decision. However, college-level anatomy and math were a different story, and I found myself back at square one, re-evaluating my goals.

After some career mapping and self-reflection, I settled on a Communications Studies major with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising. Though uncertain about the exact career this would lead to, I believed it was a step toward understanding and addressing people’s needs.

Upon graduating, I grappled with how to merge my desire to help others with my Communications degree. I began working at the IU School of Nursing, supporting the very students who were pursuing the path I once considered. The arrival of COVID-19 and my growing aspirations led me to explore new opportunities, eventually landing an HR Coordinator position at a retirement community through an IU connection. Despite limited HR experience, I recognized it as a potential avenue to fulfill my passion for helping others.

As I learned the intricacies of payroll, benefits and policies, I was promoted to an HR Generalist, handling all aspects of talent acquisition. I hired folks for a wide range of positions, from part-time servers and housekeepers to CNAs, RNs, and director-level roles. High turnover rates in retirement communities kept me constantly busy, but I relished the chance to help people find jobs that suited them and to ensure that employees felt heard and valued. The residents’ appreciation for the staff I helped recruit was incredibly rewarding.

I wasn’t actively job-hunting when I discovered an opening at The Heritage Group, thanks to a former supervisor who knew my skills and passions. Feeling unfulfilled in my current role, I decided to apply. The opportunity seemed perfect for my growth and learning. After a phone interview with Lisa Minter and subsequent meetings with the team, I knew this was the right fit. I felt an immediate connection with the team, able to be both my professional and playful self. Receiving the offer letter was exhilarating, though leaving my previous job was bittersweet.

Talent acquisition might seem straightforward, but it involves much more than just filling positions. It requires a deep understanding of team dynamics, job responsibilities and the qualifications necessary for the role. At The Heritage Group, the approach is different from my previous experiences. Here, the focus is on finding the right person who fits the right position at the right time. This motto is deeply ingrained into our company culture.

What I cherish most about my job is building relationships. I enjoy those initial conversations, delving into both the professional and personal aspects of candidates. I aim to understand not only their qualifications but also their aspirations and values.

Often, candidates ask me about my favorite part of working at The Heritage Group or the company culture. My genuine response is that The Heritage Group encourages employees to be their authentic selves. It’s a place where your voice is heard and valued. This is the first company I’ve worked for that genuinely welcomes diverse opinions and actively seeks feedback from its employees.

This journey has shown me that being true to oneself in the workplace is not only possible but essential for personal and professional fulfillment. Working for a business that is open, inclusive, and dedicated to authenticity has been a transformative experience.