Heritage Sustainability Investments, LLC Purchases Stake in ClimeCo

INDIANAPOLIS -February 16, 2021 – ClimeCo LLC (ClimeCo) is pleased to announce that Heritage Sustainability Investments, LLC, a subsidiary of The Heritage Group (collectively, Heritage), has purchased a minority stake in ClimeCo. This alliance allows ClimeCo to expand its staffing and project investments to assist companies focused on implementing solutions that meet their sustainability goals. With its comprehensive resources, ClimeCo is firmly positioned to handle market challenges, including rapid changes to climate policy, the formation of new carbon markets and exchanges around the world, and increasing pressure for organizations to improve ESG disclosure transparency.

“The synergies are endless,” said Bill Flederbach, President & CEO of ClimeCo. “It is clear that our two firms can create incremental value together.  I am proud to have Heritage as an investor in ClimeCo! This alliance allows us to enter 2021 with a great partner, a strong balance sheet, and fresh investment capital as we continue to lead in sustainability and the low carbon economy.”


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